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Seattle Pet Laws
Part of pet ownership is being respectful of others who have, or may not have, pets. Also, in a society that has pets, we as their caretakers must ensure that pets and animals are treated humanely and not abused.

Find information below about Seattle pet laws, regulations and lawyers who specialize in pet law.

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Seattle Pet Law

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Seattle Municipal Code
Overview of Seattle Dog Law
Seattle Animal Control


The City of Seattle requires that all cats, dogs, miniature goats, and potbellied pigs be licensed. Failure to license or renew your pet's license could result in a $125 citation.

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What are your rights if you are bitten by a dog? What if you bite someone else's dog? What if your dog bites someone else? What if you and your service animal have been discriminated against? How do you get custody of a beloved pet?

These attorneys specialize in animal law cases. Contact them with your animal law needs.

Elizabeth Elliott
Adam P. Karp
James Anable
G. Paul Mabrey
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