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Seattle Pet Licensing
The City of Seattle requires that all cats, dogs, miniature goats, and potbellied pigs be licensed. Failure to license or renew your pet's license could result in a $125 citation.

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Seattle Pet Licensing Benefits

  • Gives your pet a Free Ride Home should he or she be impounded. Although the standard redemption fees still apply, officers make every effort to return licensed animals to their owners while in the field. This prevents you and your pet from having to come to the animal shelter!
  • Allows you to notify Seattle Animal Shelter when you are on vacation and someone else is caring for your pet. Simply call Seattle Pet Licensing at (206) 386-4262 and let them know how long you will be gone and who to contact should your pet be found. Pet license staff will note this on your pet licensing record.
  • Helps link up finders of lost animals with pet owners without your pet making a visit to the animal shelter.
  • Helps veterinarians contact pet owners should your pet become injured and be in need of life saving medical treatment.

Seattle Pet License Fees


OPTION #1 - ONE (1) YEAR LICENSE $47 (If Spayed or Neutered $27.00)
OPTION #2 - TWO (2) YEAR LICENSE $69 (If Spayed or Neutered $37.00)


OPTION #1 - ONE (1) YEAR LICENSE $25 (If Spayed or Neutered $15.00)
OPTION #2 - TWO (2) YEAR LICENSE $40 (If Spayed or Neutered $22.00)

Miniature Potbelly Pig

Initial License: $120
Annual Renewal: $30 (Proof of current vaccinations and spay/neuter must accompany initial application)

Miniature Goats

$20 per year • $30 two years

For information on licensing your service animal, please call (206) 386-4262.

To qualify for the reduced spay or neuter license fee, submit a copy of a veterinarian’s spay or neuter certificate with your payment. Once the certificate is submitted, pet licensing does not require proof each time the license is renewed.

Senior Citizen/Disabled Discount and Service Animals

A 50% discount on fees is available for low income senior citizens and disabled persons who have a Gold Card for Healthy Aging or FLASH card. Call the Mayor's Office for Senior Citizens at (206) 684-0500 to apply for the ID card. For information on licenses for service animals, please contact our office at (206) 386-4262.

Replacement Tags

The metal tag issued at the initial purchase is your pet's permanent license tag. Your pet keeps this tag year after year, keeping down licensing fees. If your pet's tag becomes chewed, worn or lost, you can obtain a replacement by visiting the Seattle Pet License office or mailing a check for $5.00 to:

Seattle Pet Licensing
206115th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119

Seniors/disabled persons pay $2.50. There is no charge for service animal owners. Replacement tags are also available at select City of Seattle Neighborhood Service Centers. Please call (206) 386-4262 for more information.


Your pet's license will expire on the month you initially purchase the license, at the end of the license period you paid for. Example: If you purchase a pet license in December 2008 and pay for a two-year license, your pet's renewal will be due at the end of December 2010.

We send out renewal notices to your home far in advance of the due date, and you are granted an additional thirty-day grace period to renew. If we do not receive your renewal payment by the due date, you will receive a 2nd notice as a reminder to renew with a $15 penalty included.

If your pet becomes lost, stolen, given away or deceased, please indicate so on the back of the renewal form and your pet record will be updated when we receive the form.

Lost, Stolen, Given Away or Deceased Pets

If your pet becomes lost, stolen, given away or is now deceased, please call our office at (206) 386-4262 and let us know as soon as possible. We will update the pet record immediately.

How to update your pet's record when you move

It is important that we have your most current address and phone number in our database. If you move or change phone numbers, please call our office at (206) 386-4262 and we will immediately update the information in your pet(s) records. It is important especially if you move outside the city limits, to notify us immediately. We will then inactivate your pet(s) record and will not send you renewal notices in the future.

If you move outside the city limits of Seattle, you must purchase a pet license in the jurisdiction in which you reside. Make sure to give the new licensing office your pet's microchip number for their database.

How to transfer ownership of a pet

If you relinquish ownership of your pet to someone else who resides in the city of Seattle, our office will need your authorization to transfer the pet to the new owner. This is also true if you recently acquired a pet that was formally licensed in the city of Seattle. In either case, please complete a Change of Ownership form for our records. If you are the new owner, please send this completed form, along with your application and a check to our office or visit us in person.
Register By Phone
We can register or renew your pet license over the phone, and answer any questions you have about pet licensing in Seattle.

The office phone is 206.781.0199

Our hours are Monday through Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Pacific Time.
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